I spent quite a bit of time today debugging why my Moses MT pipeline was crashing during the tuning stage. I was using EMS (Experiment Management System) as opposed to running scripts individually like I often do. Generally, I use KenLM for building large n-gram language models. In EMS, in the Language Model Section ([LM]), I had set all of the required paths, or so I had thought. However, later in the pipeline, during tuning, it would crash. Looking at the logs, I saw that the automatically generated config file (moses.ini) had a feature called ''IRSTLM''. It took me a while to figure out that the issue was not at all in the tuning part of my EMS pipeline, but rather that I had not added the line ''tuning = 8'' in the LM section. Without that, it defaults to 9, which is the code for IRSTLM. I was able to resolve this after finding this thread here, but hopefully this post can save others some time.